Thursday, February 26, 2009

DairyCast & YouTube

Since I only have a dial-up connection at my house, I never download podcasts or watch videos. But Scottish dairyman John drew my attention to DairyCast.

DairyCast offers audio clips of people speaking on a wide array of dairy issues. They have some really good stuff for those of you in the industry, and I believe I'll start asking my wife to carry my laptop to school with her once a week so she can download it for me. Of course, there's something on there that should draw the interest of all of you reading this interview in which I talk about this blog. A week ago I didn't even know that DairyCast existed (or that this interview was on it), so a big thanks goes out to John for letting me know.

And speaking of John, he has quite the collection of dairy videos at YouTube. Just look for "holsteincowboy".

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