Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Monday

We're starting off a little on the cool side this morning, as our temperatures dropped a couple of degrees below freezing for the first time in a few days (I know, we're spoiled here in the South). The cows milked pretty good over the weekend and continued to do so this morning.

For the last couple of weeks we've had our 30 freshest 1st lactation cows (in other words, cows who have recently had their first calf) segregated from the rest of the herd. We've been feeding them dairy feed and dry bermudagrass hay, and they have really improved their milk production and body condition. Grouping based on age/size and stage of lactation is a common practice within the dairy industry, but we simply have not had the facilities to do it efficiently except on a small scale. Once we build our new feeding barn...and I'm expecting to talk with contractors this week...we should be able to split the milking herd into at least two groups and design a feeding program that is targeted to the needs of each specific group.

Anyway, I'm about finished with my breakfast so that means it's time to quit blogging about farming and go out there and actually do it. If you haven't do so already, make sure you check out the AFBF's new consumer info section on their website, YourAg. Have a great morning!

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