Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday night special

We didn't do a whole lot today on account of the rain. There were the everyday duties of milking and feeding, we put out a few bales of hay, and we diagnosed a few minor problems on our Case 5230 in the shop this morning. Our milked was picked up today, and based upon the weight our cows have increased their production by about two pounds apiece over the last three day period.

After things were wrapped up at the farm, I took a few minutes to contact my legislators about a couple of pending issues in Washington, DC. I asked them to oppose the administration's proposed cuts to the farm safety net and to support introduced bills that would prevent the EPA's "cow tax" from becoming a reality.

I'm about to wind it down for the evening 'cause 2:45AM will be here before I know it! In closing, let me recommend fellow YF&R Committee member Val Wagner's blog post about why we in agriculture need to embrace electronic media.

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