Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Farm Recap

Today started off without incident. The cows were milked, the cows were fed, and we adjourned for breakfast. Halfway through my second cup of coffee, my wife told me to look out the back door. There I saw three calves wandering around on the wrong side of the fence. I put the coffee down and went out to put them back in there place. The road I live on curves in front of my house and limits how far a person can see ahead of them, so it certainly would not have done to let the little things wander down the hill and into the road. Luckily, I banged on the feed can a couple of times and the went right through the gate.

After returning, things still continued to flow smoothly. We a.i.'ed two heifers and then three of us resumed patching the cracked engine block on our JD4030 while a couple of others went to repair fences. As the morning progressed, we decided that I should hook up our grain drill, drive through a few pastures, and plant wheat into any bare spots I found. Well, to hook up the drill I first had to unhook the manure spreader. I dropped the jack, pulled the pin, and unhooked the pto and hydraulic hoses. I cranked the tractor and put it in forward, thinking everything was good to go. I had forgotten, however, to throw out the spreader's unloading speed rope. So, as I pulled forward the metal handle on the end of the rope pulled hard into the back glass and shattered it. So if any of you have the back window for a Case 5230, please let me know.

Anyway, I did get the drill hooked up and spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon planting wheat. I parked the tractor for a few minutes mid-afternoon to again talk about this blog on DMI's webcast. Meanwhile, normal afteroon duties of milking and feeding were being handled by my dad and our employees. The day ended with dad and I replacing a valve on a leaking water trough.

So here I am, back home and finishing up a blog that I'm not sure is too terribly insightful or interesting. But, if you made it this far into it, I guess it was worth something! Now, if you'll excuse me, my smell of my wife's hamburger steak is beckoning me into the dining room.

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