Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Ag Day!

Today is National Agriculture Day, and all around our country farmers will be speaking to classrooms, giving farm tours, and telling their own unique stories about their farming experiences to consumers. I hope that you, whether you're a farmer or a consumer, will have an opportunity to join the conversation today as we celebrate both our nation's agricultural heritage and the hard work, dedication, and innovation that allows fewer than 2% of our population to provide our nation's food and fiber.

Back on Gilmer Dairy Farm, our veterinarian will stop by this morning to perform a herd check. We've got just over 50 that we're hoping he'll confirm pregnant and about 4 that need a general exam. We'll also clean up around the place this morning and then after lunch we'll tune in to the NCAA Tourney on the parlor television as we milk this afternoon (even though our team has been eliminated).

Have a Happy Ag Day!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! You beat me to an AgDay Blog! Happy AgDay! It was a busy one in Kent County,MI too:) and that is a good thing.