Sunday, March 1, 2009

Strange Weather this weekend

It's been a weekend of weather extremes here in Alabama. We've had warm weather, severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, cooling weather, and snow all within a 48 hour window. It was snowing when we left Montgomery this morning, but the 2 inches that had accumulated at our house had all but vanished by the time we pulled up the driveway a few minutes before noon.

Despite the weather, we really enjoyed attending the Young Farmers Leadership Conference over the weekend. It's always refreshing to spend a couple of days with my peers from across the state, especially since there are no other young farmers locally. The speakers and workshops are always really good, but catching up with old friends and making new ones is always the highlight for me.

Back on the farm, the milk pump in our parlor stopped working early Saturday morning. Luckily they were able to get the equipment man there to install another one within about three hours. It's kind of a reversal of fortune in a way, because that type of thing usually only happens when my dad is gone and I'm the one at home on the farm. Anyway, that pump gave us about 20 good years, so we can say we certainly got our money out of it.

I'm not sure what we'll get into this week other than the normal milking and feeding. There's a good chance we'll be in the shop working on some of our farming equipment, but there's an even better chance some unforeseen thing will arise that we have to take care of. Such is life on a dairy farm.

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