Monday, May 3, 2010

Guest Blogs by Ag Commish Candidates

One of the most important, and maybe most overlooked, positions within the State of Alabama is that of Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. The Commissioner and his Department aren't only responsible to the agricultural producers of our state, but to all consumers as well. Ag promotion, alternative fuels, animal health, and food inspection and safety are just a few of the many issues and responsibilities handled by the Dept. of Ag & Industries.

With so much attention this election season going towards the races for Governor, Attorney General, and others, I thought I would try to do something that would hopefully get people to stop and think for a moment about the Commissioner's race. A couple of weeks ago I invited the three leading candidates for the position to submit a guest post for my blog on an issue of their choosing. They have all been gracious enough to take time out of their campaigns to contribute an article. It is my hope that reading their comments on my blog will lead you to visit their websites to learn more about who they are and the positions they hold on other issues.

The guest blogs will be published as written (with additional biographical info added) and in the order in which I received them. John McMillan will be the featured guest on Tuesday, with Dorman Grace following on Wednesday. According to The Alabama Line, these two gentlemen are the front runners for the Republican Party's nomination heading into the June 1 primary. Glen Zorn, the lone Democrat seeking the position, will be featured on Friday*.

Please return on Tuesday to read Mr. McMillan's thoughts, and then do the same on Wednesday for Mr. Grace's. I hope you will share these guest blog posts with your friends, and I encourage you to add your thoughts and comments about what these gentlemen have to say.

Have a "dairy" good day!
*logistical issues will prevent Mr. Zorn's article from appearing apologies to all.

I am dairyman Will Gilmer, and I approved this message.

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