Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Vacationing" in Auburn

After a long week on the farm, I'm "vacationing" down in Auburn. Actually, I've been invited to participate in a discussion about social media and agriculture at the 2010 National Extension Technology Conference. I'll be talking about the how's and why's of "telling my story" and engaging the public about modern agriculture by using tools like this blog, my Twitter account, the farm's Facebook page, and my YouTube channel.

The session I'm participating in will wrap up around 10am tomorrow. Afterwards I may take a little time just to tour around the Auburn campus, which by most accounts is really nice (but it ain't no Mississippi State). Hopefully things will work out to have lunch with one of my old high school friends who now lives in these parts (check out his blog!). I'll be heading home early afternoon, doing my best to avoid the rush hour nightmare from Hwy 280 all the way through to downtown Birmingham.

Even though two days does not a real vacation make, the break from the farm will give me a chance to catch my breath and get a little rest. I'm gonna need it, too, because we're going to be running just as hard as the weather will allow this week.

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