Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Making the Connection...guest post by Dorman Grace

As Commissioner, I’ll make the department work for farmers and small businesses by cutting regulations and red tape. I’ll protect our farms, wildlife, environment, rural areas, and if elected as the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries I will lead the department in an effort to help Alabama’s farmers keep the agricultural industry viable. The agricultural industry makes significant contributions to Alabama in several areas…
  • Economy
  • Labor force
  • Food supply
  • Environmental quality
  • and Quality of life.
Because of these factors, we know that the public generally holds positive views about agriculture, but fails to understand its issues or see how it relates to their daily lives. That's where I want to make a change. It's up to us, as professionals in agriculture and its supporting industries, to help make that connection for the benefit of all Alabamians.

It is time for Alabama’s agricultural industry to speak with one voice, communicating messages that directly affect us all, both as farmers and the general public. This effort will be a key to raising awareness and motivating action. I want to ensure that the public understands that today’s farmers are businessmen; they have to be able to understand farm economics and farm politics.

I want to help the general public understand that they as consumers only spend about a dime of each dollar they earn for food and of that dime the farmer gets to keep less than a penny. Eight cents goes for processing, transportation, packaging, and advertising. The other penny goes for purchased inputs. We need to get the message across that farmers are price-takers in the marketplace. We produce standardized commodities, and have no influence over the prices we receive. One farmer’s wheat is the same as another’s, which means that no farmer can get a price higher than any other. Therefore, we need to help the general public understand that our profitability must increase or the nation and the state will face the ugly truth that we will be importing our food from other countries.
With this campaign we will bring a greater awareness of Alabama farmers’ hard work and achievements, stronger backing of our needs for growth, and a more secure future for our industry. Our future depends on it.

Bio (provided): [website] My name is Dorman Grace and I’m a third-generation family farmer, not a career politician. I live on my Walker County farm with my wife, Susan, and two sons where we farm poultry, cattle and timber. I am running for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries because I want to use my 30 years of experience as a successful agri-businessman to reduce spending, cut regulations, protect our food supply, and create new jobs in the agricultural industry. The state’s largest agricultural group, the Alabama Farmers Federation, has endorsed me. So with the support of our state’s farmers and the ability to earn the support of the general public I believe I am the best choice for the next Commissioner of Agriculture in Alabama. I would appreciate your support and your vote.

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Anna Duncan said...

Strong statements. I like that he undestands where farmers are coming from and how the general public really doesn't realize how farmers are actually paid.

Though I do belive it's a bit idealistic to say you're going to change so many things at one time. People tend to get upset when they don't see change fast enough.