Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hump Day Farm Update

There's less than an hour left in Wednesday, so let me quickly catch you up to speed on what's been happening:
  • We've had three heifers give birth to their first calves this week. Their addition to the milking herd gives us 205 going through the barn twice a day.
  • After Monday's rain pushed everything back, we finally finished baling and wrapping our wheat and ryegrass. We yielded out 201 bales on roughly 20 acres...not bad!
  • We have a thin 7 acre patch of ryegrass that we intend to dry bale tomorrow.
  • The co-op began spreading fertilizer and lime on our hay fields this afternoon.
  • And speaking of co-ops, you can read my post on the Capper-Volstead Act and agricultural cooperatives on the Farm Bureau blog
Time to grab the milk jug and take a big swig before I crawl into bed. Have a "dairy" good night everyone!

1 comment:

Dennis Kahl said...

Great job of sharing what you do on your farm. I use your blog, facebook and twitter to share with other farmers and youth as an example of what more farmers need to do to promote farming and what it's all about.
Thank you!